WCKG Executive Committee

The following WCKG members are donating their time for the Executive Committee for 2016-2017. We thank them for providing leadership to the Guild.

GLENDA M.President
Member since 2012
“Be fearless with your knitting – worst case, you just rip it all out and start over again!”
JOANNE B. – Vice President
Member since 2015
“As I get older, I just prefer to knit.”
Tracey Ullman
marina1 MARINA N.Treasurer
Member since 2011
“It is better to have knit & ripped than never to have knit at all!”
CIMG5880.JPG Debbie TSecretary 
Member since 2016
“The knitting community is my kind of community – we should be running the world!”
Elaine Y for bio Elaine Y. – Member at Large
Member since 2011
“Time for tea and knitting/crocheting completes my day.”
MONIQUE L.Member at Large
Member since 2014
“The cure for boredom is knitting. There is no cure for knitting.”
 sheep cartoon JANE S.Member at Large
Member since 2015
img_1883 EDITA M. – Past President
Member since 2007
“I love the challenge of knitting. Creating beautiful items from a ball of yarn is like magic. Trying to figure out the patterns, the math, and making adjustments is good for the brain, and the act of knitting itself is very therapeutic.
Additional as of November 1, 2016

Debbie T – Communication

tba – Membership

Elizabeth B – Events