WCKG Executive Committee

The following WCKG members are donating their time for the Executive Committee for 2017-2018. We thank them for providing leadership to the Guild.

JOANNE B. – Vice President
Member since 2015
“As I get older, I just prefer to knit.”
Tracey Ullman
sheep cartoon LINDA S.Treasurer
photo DEBORAH D.W.Secretary 
Elaine Y for bio ELAINE Y. – Member at Large
Member since 2011
“Time for tea and knitting/crocheting completes my day.”
KRISTA L. – Member at Large
 sheep cartoon JANE S.Member at Large
Member since 2015
GLENDA M.Past President
Member since 2012
“Be fearless with your knitting – worst case, you just rip it all out and start over again!”