WCKG Volunteers

In addition to the WCKG Executive Committee, the following members provide many volunteer services that help to keep our Guild running smoothly.

Janis W JANIS W. – Venue co-ordinator
Member since 2004
“Practice makes perfect and don’t be afraid to seek help.”



PENNY S.. – Membership co-ordinator
Member since 2012
WCKG volunteer VALERIE P. – Show & Share co-ordinator
Member since 2007
“Knit on, with confidence and hope through all crisis.”….Elizabeth Zimmerman
glamknitter ELIZABETH P.Yarn/magazine sales co-ordinator at meetings
Member since 2004
 Mariela MARIELA J.Craft sales co-ordinator/past president
Member since 2007
“Keep careful notes on every project. It can be a gold mine of information next time you want to make something similar.”

WORKSHOP Team – Fearless and super-organized! Looking for volunteers!

COMMUNICATION Lead – Supporting web editors, writers, researchers, photographers, idea generators, and other troublemakers on the website and ravelry.


          Debbie T.