Anne W


Anne hails from St. John’s, Newfoundland (and just to be clear, it’s pronounced Sin Jawn’s!) where she was a Geology major at Memorial University.  She lived in Ontario for several years, and received her degree in library sciences from Western University.   Anne and her son moved to Vancouver in 1995.

Casting on:

She can’t remember how old she was when her Mother taught her to knit, she just knows it was a long time ago!  Anne  loves all the free patterns available on the internet sites and as a librarian takes advantage of the selection of knitting books available at the library.  She takes credit for ordering some of  the best ones that are available to us all!


Anne loves to discover how things are made & how they work, hence she’s dabbled in almost everything to do with handicrafts.  She’s made quilts, done some silk painting, crewel embroidery, crocheting, loves to bake and is learning to play the bagpipes!  That’s a busy lady.  Knitting is a passion and it satisfies her desire to figure out the mysteries of patterns and stitches!

Knit Knowledge and Know How:

A favourite website is Knitty.  Just off the needles  is a (free) lace cardigan from that site…Decimal.  After taking the Lucy Neatby workshop she finished the button band using her technique, which she says is a breeze!  She says that she & her Mom knit many, many sweaters from Briggs & Little yarns.  They just “made up the patterns for scratchy sweaters with lots of cables”.

Cables & Lace:

Her favourite project has been the sweater mentioned above…Decimal…which has been 2 years in the making.   Knit in a beautiful coral coloured cotton, the lace pattern and Lucy Neatby styled button band gave her enough challenges to make it fun to knit!

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs:

Anne’s motto when knitting is “never give up”.  Leave no project unfinished, even if it takes a few years to actually get it off the needles!  She recalls a red tweed sweater that took 4 years to complete…but she did it!  She now feels that she has enough experience knitting to deviate from the pattern and ensure that things actually fit!

Dye Lots:

Anne loves bright colours, most especially blues, greens & corals.  You won’t see black or brown in her knitted wardrobe.  She likes to knit with cotton and bamboo…nothing too hot!

Fibre Fantasy:

She’d love to knit an Alice Starmore fair aisle sweater someday!

Guild Gauge:

Anne enjoys the friendships she’s made at the Guild and brings friends along with her to meetings.  She loves the Show & Share portion of the meeting.

Purls of Wisdom:

Anne has just discovered the art of Portuguese knitting which she describes as “pretty cool”.  Her advice for knitting garments is…”the less seams the better”!