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Three Bags Full, Vancouver LYS, appeals with it’s “candy store of colours

Three Bags Full (a WCKG friendly LYS) owners share their love for all things knitting with the next generation. Co-owner Francesa Pagliotti’s granddaughter Aija Tso has picked up the needles to join her grandmother & mother (and co-owner), Zoe Gee.   Aija meets up with her classmates  at Lord Strathcona elementary school for knitting club each Tuesday.  Read Vancouver Sun reporter Yvonne Zacharias’ article where she writes that “like lemonade and cookies, knitting and friendship go together.”

Photo courtesy of Ric Ernst, Vancouver Sun

Yarn Bombing in East Vancouver

While out walking along Hastings St. today I came across this bike stand.  I did a double take…it had been yarn bombed!  A great, colourful addition to the neighbourhood and just in time for spring… right down to the crocheted flowers.  If you’re near Hastings & Nanaimo Sts., check it out!

Edita M


Edita immigrated to Canada as a young woman from Bratislava, Slovakia.  It was a challenging time for an 18 year old when she, along with her mother & siblings, joined her father in Vancouver.  Determined to “fit into” a new culture, she improved her English language skills and eventually secured a position at the main library at the University of British Columbia.  She’s worked at UBC, with a brief interruption, ever since!

Casting on:

Her mother taught her to knit at a very young age, but she says that she was a “knitting klutz”!  She knit on and off during her youth & resumed again in more earnest when she came to Canada.  Edita says that knitting has always been her strength when she is stressed or feels challenged and in the first years in Vancouver, the knitting needles provided a “sense of normalcy”.


Edita is a past president of the WCKG.  She’s also been the Guild’s secretary and vice president and feels that being part of the executive has been very fulfilling as well as challenging.  When she doesn’t have needles in hand, her passions include golf (where she captains her team), reading & being a new grandmother!  She teaches “beyond beginner” knitting classes at LYS, Wool & Wicker twice weekly and has studied under fellow WCKG member Jean Wong.  Edita also enjoys being part of the UBC library annual afghan project.  Knitters are recruited among the staff members and the completed afghan is auctioned (proceeds going to Covenant House) at their Christmas luncheon.

Knit Knowledge & Know How:

Edita uses Ravelry, as well as favourite knitting magazines such as Vogue Knitting & Interweave Knits for inspiration.

Cables & Lace:

These days projects such as socks & hats that can be quickly finished are on the needles, but her most satisfying project was one she completed several years ago.  Wanting to knit an Aran sweater, Edita navigated her way through an English pattern soon after she arrived in Canada.  It gave her a wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment and she remembers that sweater very fondly.

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs:

A sweater intended for her husband has been sitting in a basket, waiting for the neckband for 3 years!  A complicated Gansey (fisherman’s knit) design from Vogue knitting, she has lost all interest in completing it.  Maybe someday?

Dye Lots:

Edita loves to knit on small needles with lace weight yarns.  She finds the beauty of lace patterns fun to knit, especially in mauves and greens.  The colour combinations of Noro yarns are a particular favourite.

Fibre Fantasy:

She would love to knit one of Lucy Neatby’s double knitted afghans or something from designer Kaffe Fassett.

Guild Gauge:

A member since 2005, Edita joined after she received a brochure from fellow WCKG member, Y, while shopping at Wool & Wicker.  After attending her first meeting, she knew she was “home”.  She feels that the Guild has helped to widen her circle of friends and has provided her with inspiration.  She says she always has felt a sense of community within the Guild and has enjoyed time spent on the WCKG executive.

Purls of Wisdom:

“Knitting is life.  It combines creative, artistic, colourful challenges.  You do math.  You do it with your hands.  I’m amazed that 2 needles and a piece of yarn combine to make something.  It’s fascinating!”.



Superman, Darth Vader, Elvis and Audrey Hepburn are all immortalized in yarn!

Denise Salway got tired of knitting the same old thing, so she started knitting famous celebrities (both real and fictional) .  Never one to use a pattern, Denise just uses her imagination to create her one of a kind characters.  She says many people (NOT the WCKG!) think that only old grannies in rocking chairs knit, but she puts on rock music or solves TV crime dramas while knitting these adorable VIPs.  Have a look.

photos courtesy of the South Wales Evening Postmarilyn munroe

Ontario Knitter named “Caring Canadian” by Ontario Lieutenant Governer

Rita Gallant, 83, from Aurora, Ontario began knitting when her grandson was born prematurely and she spent hours with him in hospital.  She needed something to keep her busy so she began by knitting baby hats, and over the years has knit thousands.  She donates them to hospitals she & her husband visit on their travels.  Watch the CTV news piece about this amazing Canadian knitter.

Lynn W.


A native of Toledo, Ohio, Lynn moved to Vancouver in 1978.   A copy of the Vancouver Sun found at the Toledo public library  helped her to find a job at St. Paul’s Hospital as a social worker when she first arrived.  After a busy career in health care, Lynn is now enjoying life as a retiree!

Casting On:

Lured into a LYS by the colours of the yarn in the window, she signed up for classes at Urban Yarns about 8 years ago.  She says that she still can’t believe that she’s a knitter and a continental one at that!


Retired from her managerial position a few years ago, Lynn can be often be found walking her dog along the beach close to her home.  When not knitting, Lynn is an avid iPad gamer, reader, cook and in her own words “trailer trash” traveler! Last year she and her husband embarked on a cross Canada adventure to Newfoundland. Coming up in  March 2014, they’ll be motoring down to New Orleans and then meandering north along  the Mississippi River.  I’m sure they’ll have some good yarns to tell upon their return!

Knit Knowledge & Know How:

A self-proclaimed slow knitter Lynn attributes her successes to her knitting coach, Mandy Moore.  Mandy helps her with custom fits for her sweaters and gives Lynn advice with her colour choices.  Lynn does take a look at patterns on Ravelry every now and again, but mostly knits from custom made patterns.

Cables & Lace:

Hard pressed to think of one project that she’s enjoyed more than the others, she loves all the sweaters she’s made with Mandy’s coaching. The latest one (worn in her photo) is knit with Noro Mountain mix mohair in a rusty shade for the body of the sweater and the shawl collar is Noro sock yarn, which has the long colour way that Lynn loves.

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs: 

When asked whether she’s given up on any projects, she says “yes, many!”.  One that comes to mind is a green vest started over 2 years ago that she’s lost all interest in completing.

Dye Lots:

No doubt about it, Lynn loves all things wool, especially Noro.

Fibre Fantasy:

“I want to be able to knit as well as Holli Yeoh!”.

Guild Guage:

Lynn knits Monday nights with a group of ladies, many of whom are members of the WCKG.  She’s been a guild member for about 6 years, and is a past Vice President. Like so many members, a favourite part of the meeting is Show & Share & the speakers.

Purls of Wisdom:

“Knitting is  great meditation”.  “It’s okay to cry when working on a project!”.  Isn’t that the truth!!