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Knit and Crochet in the news that may be of interest to Guild members

Christmas tree that won’t shed it’s needles…a 9 ft. knitted wonder!

Ladies in the U.K. knit a 9 ft. Christmas tree, complete with decorations.  Eight hundred knitted squares make up the tree, on display at a Christmas festival.  With hopes of raising funds for various charitable organizations, this knitted wonder is sure to amaze and delight.  To read more about the tree and to view more pictures, please click here.03/12/13 Nine-foot knitted Christmas tree in FenstantonPhoto by Keith Jones

Photo Courtesy: Kimberley Chapman

The Woman Who Knitted Herself a Child

In this Australian radio play, a woman muses about genetics, and demonstrates her thoughts with yarn and the idea of knitting.  The writer of this article tells us that “It is interlaced with an interview undertaken with Dr Meri Menidis, a female microbiologist from Melbourne, working in the area of transgenic agricultural cloning.”, and “The idea behind The Woman Who Knitted Herself a Child was developed and conceived as part of the Motherload creative development project, funded by the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia Council. ” Seriously!

Photo Credit: Kimberley Chapman

Burnaby knitter wins Debbie Bliss prize

Aruna Neela Russian Doll Baby Blanket Debbie Bliss CompetitionWith the help of the Guild-friendly LYS Black Sheep Yarns, knitter and businesswoman Aruna Neela is the winner of the Debbie Bliss contest for most uniquely designed baby blanket.   “Sweet Dreams Russian Doll Baby Blanket” is a colourfully knitted piece that would look beautiful in any little girl’s room.  In a recent email to WCKG, Aruna wrote that “winning the contest meant so much to me on so many levels….for my work to be acknowledged by a guru like Debbie Bliss is nothing short of amazing”.

WCKG is pleased that Aruna will be our guest speaker at the November meeting!

Read more about her story here.

Carol Milne knits with glass

“Carol Milne Knitted Glass.  How Does She Do That”, is fascinating!  Just how does she knit with glass?  The beautifully illustrated book by author Steve Isaacson, describes her award winning technique.  She “knits” with wax strands then molds the piece (you only get one chance at it) into socks, bowls, slippers, teapots and abstract art forms.  Carol lives and works in Seattle, Washington.  Visit her website @ to see more of her beautiful work and information on her gallery, showings and books.


carol milne glass knits 2



“Thinking is like cosmic knitting”

Students enrolled in the Waldorf schools are still referring the curriculum of the founder, Rudolph Steiner developed over 100 years ago.  He believed that “a person who is unskillful in his fingers will also be unskillful in his intellect, having less mobile ideas and thoughts.  Read on to discover how some think that knitters and coders are related!

photo courtesy of Betsy Weber