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Online resources that may be of interest to Guild members

Famous Members!

Check out the interviews with our fellow guild members Caitlin ffrench and Holli Yeoh.  Caitlin was a guest speaker at a guild meeting earlier this year.  Her interview sheds a bit more light about this talented woman.  Holli shares some insight and refers to a  workshop she will be offering to guild members in the future.  Stay tuned – as we are organizing something with some zip in the New Year!

Executive Committee Members Needed – We are looking for you!

Elections will take place at the next guild meeting, Tuesday June 7, 2016, for the following positions:

  • One of Two Members at Large – guild meeting duties including welcoming new members and guests, organizing and collecting yarn donations, door prize ticket distribution
  • Secretary – note keeping duties for guild and executive meetings and other related guild administration duties
  • Treasurer – responsible for the guild’s revenue and expenditures along with any supporting duties and documents

The term/commitment to these guild member roles is a minimum of two years.

If you are interested in putting your name forward for any of these positions, or if you have further questions please email . Please communicate your interest in becoming part of the Executive Committee by midnight Tuesday May 31.

Guest Speaker – Guild Meeting – May 3, 2016

Mady the owner of Trendy or What Knot is the guest speaker for the next guild meeting. Her shop is located in Mission and is part of the upcoming Woolith Fair Yarn Crawl event.

Not only does the shop have yarn, it also has a gift area that includes knit, handwoven, spun and other unique items made by local artists. Mady says “We aim to provide unique and authentic yarns and gifts, and support local yarn artists from all around the Fraser Valley, BC.”

Join us at the May 3 guild meeting and hear all about her unique shop. If you are not a member of the Guild, please consider attending as a visitor. You may find it so much fun that you will want to become a member. Click here for directions for guild meeting location.

Sylvia Olsen comes to the WCKG


WCKG Sylvia Olsen May 2015 008

Sylvia Olsen is on her way to Newfoundland, gathering knitters (and wanna be knitters) along the way. She’s enthralling them with stories and teaching the techniques used by the Coast Salish knitters.  She stopped in Vancouver, one of the first  on her long journey across Canada, and we were so glad she did.  The class was inspiring and fun! We left with so much admiration for the Coast Salish who knit these sweaters for a living.  She calls the Coast Salish colourwork intuitive.  To quote Sylvia “Coast Salish colourwork takes time to learn.  It’s like dancing.  Keep at it and you will get the rhythm”.  We are all now practicing our dancing!

WCKG Sylvia Olsen May 2015 002


Apps to connect with Ravelry and more

I was wondering whether Ravelry had an app so I could use it on my Ipod Touch. It turns out they have a mobile version of their Web site. Yeah! There are also several apps available that connect with Ravelry in different ways: e.g. Wooly gives you access to your Ravelry notebook, and Yarma is a camera app for iphone and iPad that allows you to tweak your images before uploading to Ravelry.

You can read all about these and several other knitting related apps on the Ravelry App page.

The Toroidal snark and knitting

A toroid is a donut shaped object, and a snark is an imaginary animal that is difficult to track down.  The website “toroidal snark” has many great links about the relationship between math and knitting.  Carolyn Yackel and Sarah-Marie Belcastro have put together this wonderful set of links which will give endless examples of patterns to choose from, or colour combinations, or objects that can be knitted. There are also links to talks about math and knitting.  This is a great hub of possibilities.

Image Courtesy: Made by Eva