Janis W.


Born in Montreal, Janis is a self-proclaimed Air Force brat who ended up in Vancouver via various other Canadian locations, at the age of 12.  She majored in math & science at  Simon Fraser University, and put her  skills to good use during her working career (she’s been retired for a few years now).  Married for more than 40 years, she and her hubby live in right in the heart of Vancouver.

Casting On:

Janis learned to knit in Winnipeg.  She attended an after-school program at aged 8, that introduced  both children & adults to the wonderful world  of knitting.  An avid crocheter, she taught herself as a teenager by reading Paton’s “First Steps in Crochet” cover to cover!


When not knitting or crocheting, Janis sings!  She’s been singing in her church and in community choirs for years. Janis is the co-ordinator of the knitting program at a Senior’s centre (where the WCKG holds it’s meetings) and is a long time member of a weekly knitting group.  An avid reader she especially loves historic romance novels and claims to devour about four a week!  Now, that’s one busy lady.  She & her hubby have recently hung up their travelling hats, but before then have seen quite a bit of the province in their van.  Singing all the way, no doubt!

Knit Knowledge and Know How:

Her go-to crochet guru is Paton’s “First Steps to Crochet, # 167”.  She’s had it for years and refers back to it constantly.  She can’t believe how Knitty.com and Ravelry have changed the craft of knitting & crocheting & Janis uses the web as a resource for her own designs. Check her out on Ravelry… she’s Yarnbroker.

Cables & Lace:

What Janis absolutely loves to do the most is repurpose yarn found in thrift shops!  Nothing gives her more pleasure than frogging an unloved sweater or scarf and reworking it into a new, loved again garment.  Take note of the scarf Janis is wearing in her photo.  It was a Value Village find that was just tossed aside (it’s wool & silk) then frogged (on the bus ride home) and lovingly washed & reworked (in her own design) into a scarf she has had lots of compliments on.  Now, that’s keeping it “green”!

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs:

Janis admits to about 4 projects (is that all?) that have been waiting for her for about 5 years.  A baby blanket that she discovered had unmatched dye lots, a stack of granny squares waiting to be made into a blanket, a log cabin blanket missing one of it’s logs, and a hat of her own design that is “topless”.  She is proud of the fact that she’s spent the last year frogging 6 other projects and getting the wool ready to be repurposed.   Wouldn’t you have to admit that frogging 6 beats 4 in the bush?

Dye Lots:

Janis couldn’t pick a colour (well, maybe brown) that she doesn’t love!  Her re-purposed yarn from selective abandoned projects is her favourite thing to use.  If she can find 100% wool, call her happy!

Fibre Fantasy:

She states that, “a project that would use up all of my stash” would be her fantsy.  A prolific knitter & crocheter, Janis makes  about 20 hats, scarves & mitts every month, many of which she donates to various charities.   She thinks the fantasy project might take about 10 years to complete.  Now, that’s some stash!

Guild Gauge:

Janis has been a member of WCKG since 2004.  She loves the inspiration she gets from the other members and especially enjoys Show & Share.   She takes a lot of pleasure in seeing fellow Guild members develop their art and loves the creativity and imagination WCKG encourages.  Janis is our venue coordinator and is usually one of the first members you see as you come through the door.

Purls of Wisdom:

“Make mistakes then learn how to correct them”.