Joanne B

Beg: A Maritimer, originally from Moncton N.B., Joanne moved to the West Coast about 18 years ago.

Casting On: As a little girl, she watched her cousin’s grandmother and learned how to cast on and knit, but was never shown how to cast off.  That resulted in some very long scarves!  Much later a good friend reawakened her love of knitting and gave her all the tools required to “ignite the passion”.

PSSO: Joanne describes herself as a “serial volunteer”!  She works full time as an administrative assistant but in her spare time she’s actively involved in political,  community and animal organizations.  Hardly an evening goes by when she’s not at a meeting.  Somewhere in there she finds time to enjoy gardening, baking and oh yes, knitting!

Knit Knowledge and Know How: She loves Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s books, which wonderfully combine all things yarn with all things fun.  Like so many of us, she finds much of her inspiration online.

Cables & Lace: Joanne loves to knit for others, but the preemie hat project for an orphanage in South Africa was among the most satisfying.  A group of fellow knitters challenged themselves to produce many hats in a short time frame and as she says, “sometimes the simplest project for a good cause is the best”.

Steeks, Tinks and Frogs: “I never give up!”.  With only one project on the needles at a time, Joanne always finishes one, and then starts the next one, which she’s already dreaming about!  After learning about life lines for lace patterns, nothing gets frogged any more! Dye Lots: Jewel toned merino with some alpaca is her favourite to knit with, especially if it’s a local or Canadian fibre producer.  With a Siamese cat in the house, Joanne laughingly says that she picks colours that will mix nicely with a bit of his hair!

Fibre Fantasy: She admits to not being too daring when it comes to knitting and has tried all the things she’d challenge herself with…so far!  The Knitted Knockers project is one which she’s most interested in getting involved in, and she says that “once I start on those, I’ll never stop”.  Get knitting, Joanne!

Guild Gauge: President Glenda got Joanne involved in the Guild.  She’d been searching for other “addicted adults” and thinks the Guild is just the right fit.  As she says, “the knitting world works in mysterious ways”.

Purls of Wisdom: She quotes from her knitting teacher and passes these purls along to anyone she teaches to knit…”Always knit with the best fibre you can buy.  It takes just as long to knit and you want the project to be the best it can be when it’s finished”.