Intangible benefits of membership

In the summer of 2013, we asked our members how they benefit from being a part of the West Coast Knitters Guild.  This collection of answers reflects our members’ perceptions and now the menu bar in our website.

Meeting new knitting friends, as we sit in groups of tables, sprouts inspiration, enthusiasm, and becomes a mixing bowl blend of creativity and camaraderie.  We learn about new yarns/patterns/stores. We love the door prizes and the cheap yarn/magazines/books/needles.

The microphone amplifies the easy listening to our president, speakers, show & share.  Conversations give us feedback from other knitters on our projects.  We have a community of knitters and crocheters.

Trends illustrate the broad range of knitting and fibre related topics for our autumn/winter craft sales, our “knit it forwards”, and our involvement with Nova House.

Learning knitting tricks boosts our finger magic. Feeling other people’s fibres touches reality.

Telling stories to folks, who truly love to listen and respond, means being at the guild meetings is the best..  By being a member, viewing the website and our newsletters are the next best thing to being there.