Stacey W.


Born and raised in Vancouver, Anastasia, aka, Stacey has never left home.  She says that other places have enticed her, but “why would I leave such a beautiful city?”.  We agree!

Casting on:

Stacey learned to knit when a family friend was babysitting her at about age 6.  Using pencils as needles and yarn wrapped around coins (to encourage her to finish the project & collect the prize) she was fascinated by the way things took shape.  As a teenager she discovered some old craft magazines and inherited some yarn thus restarting her love of knitting.  A true “raveler” she says she spends far too much time surfing the website!


Stacey earned her degree in fine arts from UBC and worked for a number of years as the director of a local art gallery.  Today she’s a freelancer.  Her artistic knowledge is well utilized in her volunteer life, as she is very involved with Friends for Life, helping them select pieces for their annual gala and auction.  She also loves to travel and recently spent some time in Mexico where the artwork there put a significant dint in her wallet!

Knit Knowledge and Know How:

Stacey is a knit designer on ravelry and you can also follow her blog.  A lover of lace shawls, her patterns are personal and truly beautiful.  She takes inspiration from Vogue Knitting magazine as well as the Interweave series.  She confesses to having a hard time following a pattern and often finds herself “knitted into a corner” where no manner of correcting will get her out!  Stacey thinks of knitting patterns like recipes…open to adding a little more to the mix to make it your own.  Check out Stacey’s designs at


Cables & Lace:

Her most recent project that brought delight to the wearer (a bride) and to Stacey, was a wedding shawl she made for a friend.  The bride had knit her own wedding skirt and Stacey’s shawl added the finishing touch.  Designed to reflect the bride’s life and dreams Stacey has written about this shawl on her blog and is featured wearing it in her photo for this profile.   Knit from delicate Sweet Georgia yarns, it is titled “Lisa’s Wedding Shawl”.  Another project that was fun was a Tin Can Knit design titled “antler”.  The first baby thing she’d knit recently, she was pleased with how cute (and quick) it was!

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs:

Knitting herself into a corner (which to Stacey means that she just couldn’t correct the mistakes she made while personalizing a pattern), the Adrift sweater she started a while ago is being set adrift!  As yet, she hasn’t been able to bring herself to frog it.  She admits to frogging many shawls and to learning from the feedback from her test knitters on Ravelry.

Dye Lots:

A lover of vibrant colours, lace weight yarns and all things hand dyed, she can’t resist any one or combination when yarn shopping.  Her current love is BFL fingering yarn…great for those lace shawl designs.

Fibre Fantasy:

“I’d love to knit something from the Victorian Lace Today magazine out of Sweet Georgia cashsilk”.  She describes the pattern as a huge circular blanket or shawl.  We’ll look forward to seeing that at one of the meetings!

Guild Gauge:

A relatedly new member, Stacey joined WCKG in 2013 after picking up a pamphlet at a LYS.  She loves the fact that she came sit with a room full of like minded knitters and enjoy the energy that comes from the meeting.  Show and Share provides an opportunity to see what others are doing and to occasionally show her own designs.

Purls of Wisdom:

“Learn to love swatching”.  Stacey truly loves to swatch new yarns to see how they feel and to determine just what project will truly showcase the yarn.  She encourages knitters to swatch before they knit, especially if you’ve never used that yarn before…it helps put yarn and pattern together.  Good advice!

Stacey’s photo is courtesy of her website