To be content in life, you must have a passion, ours is knitting.

We are a motley group of creative knitters and crocheters who meet on the first Tuesday of every month in Vancouver, BC.  Our membership is open to knitters and crocheters of all ages and skill levels. Come check out our next meeting – you do not need to have a sponsor, and your first visit is free!

We tip our knitted hats to…
Lorna and Stephanie, outgoing WCKG executive members.  Thank you to Lorna for the many years as our treasurer and the countless hours spent keeping the books in order and the bills paid on time.  Thank you to Stephanie for being a supportive vice president and taking over the presidential duties when called upon.  The executive and the members of the WCKG appreciate the time you have both spent volunteering for the Guild.

We wave our wooly mitts to…
Glenda & Marina, our new vice-president and treasurer.   Welcome to the executive!

Want to know more about the Guild and what to expect at a meeting?

Or check out our Events Calendar for knit, crochet and other fiber-y events. Know of an event that’s not listed? You can submit it here!

WCKG Web site PHOTO CONTEST – 2014 (pdf) — open to WCKG members only. Ends Sep 9.

If you have any questions or concerns about the WCKG, please contact us.

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