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Knit and Crochet in the news that may be of interest to Guild members

Knitted Knockers comes to WCKG

WCKG Feb 2015 003

WCKG enthusiastically hosted Barbara Demorest and her friends when she spoke at the February Guild meeting.  As a breast cancer survivor, Barb knows first hand the challenges women experience following mastectomy.  Knitted Knockers is the comfortable, affordable (given free upon request) alternative to the heavier and expensive, silicone prosthesis women are usually offered.  Members of the Guild were encouraged (and many took up the challenge that evening!) to knit a pair!  For more of Barb’s story please visit the website and be inspired!

#Warm Wishes from Tim Hortons

It all started on December 11th, when the people of Fort Frances, Ontario (one of the coldest towns in Canada) discovered that their benches and fire hydrants had been yarn bombed!  Two days later red yarn around the town, lead to Tim Horton’s!  The whole restaurant had been “bombed” overnight!  A giant knitted hat and scarf cozied up the outside of the building.  As part of an ongoing campaign to send warm wishes, Tim Hortons has donated yarn to various organizations to knit hats, scarves, mitts etc to send warm wishes to those in need.  The video is just great…have a look!

Animated video entitled “The Last Knit”

knitting cartoon2

Ever wondered what would happen if you were left alone to just knit and knit and knit?  “The Last Knit” directed by Laura Neuvonen of Amina Vitae productions, is an delightful look at the obsessive knitter in many of us!   Subtitled “When knitting becomes an obsession”  this award winning animation will tickle your knitting funny bone!  Have a look!


PNE gets Yarnbombed!

BC’s Pacific National Exhibition, held annually in Vancouver, has been yarnbombed!   Visitors to the PNE can enter the Sanctuary, a quiet place to get away from the chaos of the midway, food vendors and street entertainment, via a flag draped bridge.  Once over the bridge a covered wiggle worm and colourful trees draped in crocheted flowers welcome you!  Knit Social, hosts to the upcoming Knit City, were asked to bomb the PNE…worth a visit!

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Photos by M Purvey