Index of knitting tips & hints

The West Coast Knitters’ Guild Newsletter contains many tips and tricks to help you with your knitting. With so much great information, it is sometimes hard to remember where exactly you saw that valuable tip!

Bev G. has been kind enough to compile the following index of all the tips and tricks that have been featured in the Newsletter in the past 15 years. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the Index to switch between categories of information. Use the scroll bar at the side of the index to browse through the list, or use your browser’s search feature (Ctrl+F for PC, Command+F for Mac) to search for a specific term. Please note that the search feature only searches through the currently selected category.

(Please note: It has come to our attention that some Apple devices are not able to see the tabs below while others have no problems. No rhyme or reason! You could try using another browser like Chrome. Please contact the Web team if you stumble on a solution.)