Past WCKG workshops

The West Coast Knitters’ Guild is dedicated to the education and betterment of our members.  One of the ways in which we support this mandate is by hosting annual knitting workshops with professional knitters and knitwear designers.  These workshops are partially paid for by membership fees.  Some workshops are offered free of charge, while others are offered at a discounted rate, and with early-bird registration.  Our workshops are very popular – while it is often our goal to open our workshops to the general knitting community, there are rarely any spaces left once our members finish signing up!

The following is a list of the workshops we have held over the years.  Upcoming workshops are announced at our monthly Guild meetings.

May 2015
Sylvia Olsen

Traditional Coast Salish Knitting Techniques

WCKG Sylvia Olsen May 2015 008WCKG Sylvia Olsen May 2015 013

October 2013
Lucy Neatby

Seeing Double – Clearly * The Magic Buttonhole and Double Band * Ambidextrous Knitting

July 2013
Knitting on the Net Series

Introduction to Ravelry (Zsuzsi Huebsch) * Introduction to Groups & Forums (Glenda McDonald) * Photographing your knits (Jenni Rempel) * Digital photo editing (Jenni Rempel)

Nov 2011
A Long Weekend with Donna Druchunas

Knitting Socks from Japanese Pattern Books * EVENING LECTURE — Lithuanian Socks: Spinning and Knitting * Design Your Own Lace Patterns * Lithuanian Sock Heels and Toes * Knit to Fit

May 2010
Spring Weekend of Workshops

Socks (Lorna Brown) * Magic of Multi-Coloured Yarns (Paulette Lane) * Needle Felting (Pearl Chow) * Finishing Techniques (Linda Hull) * The Piper’s Hat (Christa Giles) * Sweaters: Fitting and Flattery (Mandy Moore) * Interested in Intarsia? (Holli Yeoh) * Modular Magic (Holli Yeoh)

Holli Yeoh's Glove Workshop Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

Holli Yeoh’s Glove Workshop
Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

November 2009
Sivia Harding

A Weekend of Beads and Lace with Sivia Harding * River
Rock Scarf * Fill a Triangle with Lace

Sivia Harding giving a demo Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

Sivia Harding giving a demo
Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

May 2009
A Weekend With Jean Wong

Fine Finishing Workshop * Tailored Design: Cardigan Vest with Collar

Getting a custom fit with Jean Wong Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

Getting a custom fit with Jean Wong
Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

September 2008
A Weekend with Susanna Hansson

KNITTING IN NORWAY: PAST AND PRESENT Or what did Napoleon have to do with the Fana Cardigan? *  Presentation Bohus Stickning Workshop * Lapland Hand Garments: the mittens from Rovaniemi

Susanna Hansson teaching Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

Susanna Hansson teaching
Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

April 2008
Spring Day Workshops

Beginning Crochet Janis Waller * Seamless Hat with Earflaps aka TechTouq Michelle Katerberg * Combination Techniques & Surface Embellishments Carmen Craig-Martin *
Holli Yeoh Make the Guess Who? Gloves 

April 2006
Teachers from the Guild Weekend Workshop

Knitting with Fabric * Strategies for Knitting with Self-Patterning Sock Yarns * Introduction to Aran Knitting * Felted Bag * Diagonal Hat * Slip-Stitch Knitting aka Mosaic Knitting *  Introduction to Lace Knitting * Substituting Yarns
Teachers * Astor TsangHolli Yeoh * Anne Kerrigan * Pearl ChowJean Wong * Linda Hull * Sivia Harding * Paulette Lane 

November 2004
Teachers from the Guild

Professional Finishing Techniques * Finishing Techniques * Knitting Fancies! Or, How to Include Beads in Everything You Knit * Wire Knitting * Sock Basics * Knit Until It Fits Garment
Teachers * Jean Wong * Marion Topping * Sivia Harding * Astor Tsang * Lorna Brown * Paulette Lane  

June/July 2004
Summer Camp for Tenderfoot Knitters

April 2004
Magical Knitting with Cat Bordhi

Evening presentation * Beginning Moebius Workshop

Cat Bordi with Paulette L. Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

Cat Bordi with Paulette L.
Photo Credit: Holli Yeoh

October 2003
A Weekend with Nancie Wiseman

Evening presentation * Cast On and Bind Off with Style * Fancy Borders

August 2003
Janet Tombu Knitware Design Workshop

How to use the Knitware Design software

February 2003
A Weekend with Debbie New

The Better Mousetrap Sock * Labyrinth Jackets * Scribble Lace Knitting * Just Knit Until it is Big Enough

April 2002
A Weekend with Maureen Mason-Jamieson

Advanced Mitering Workshop

March 2002
Paulette Lane

Introduction to Modular Knitting

April 2001
A Weekend with Nancy Bush

Evening presentation * Estonian Pocket Bag * An Overture to Estonian Lace

October 2000
Janet Armstrong, Gloria Hanson and Wendy Henderson

Journey Through A Sweater * Garment Styling – Flattering and Fitting Your Figure * Journey Through A Sweater … while knitting a mini-vest * Exploring Colour 

October 1999
A Weekend with Lucy Neatby

Slide Show * Colours–The More the Merrier * Baubles, Bangles and Beads *
Lure of Lace Knitting

March 1999
Debbie New A Weekend with Debbie New

Evening presentation * Free Form Knitting * Swirl Knitting * Cellular Automoton Knitting

October 1998
Shirley Scott, Shirl the Purl

The History of Knitting in Canada * Knits that Raise Funds * Knits With the Spirit of Place: Seashore Style

November 1997
Sally Melville – A Weekend of Colour

Evening presentation * Two days of colour, design and creative problem solving

November 1996
A Weekend with Lucy Neatby

November 1995
Mabel Corlett Intarsia Workshop