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WCKG member named this year’s Lifetime Volunteer of the Year

In case you missed it, the fabulous Janis Waller (aka Venue Coordinator at the Guild meetings) was named the Lifetime Volunteer of the Year at this year’s Lifetime Seniors Talks + Tables event.

Why does she look so surprised? The award comes with $5,000 travel voucher! It may be worth asking if she needs any help carrying her luggage!

You can read all about Janis’s knitting exploits in the Vancouver Courier.

Image: Vancouver Courier, Jessica Kerr

2016 Woolith Fair yarn crawl

On behalf of the organizing committee we are pleased to announce the West Coast Knitters’ Guild’s very own 2016 Woolith Fair yarn crawl.


From May 6 to the 8th, 2016, fibre enthusiasts from all over the West coast will celebrate and sample local yarn shops, producers and independent artisans from Mission to West Vancouver.  Besides special event discounts and promotions, we will be working on draw prizes and giveaways for crawl participants. A webpage will be maintained for this event to keep everyone informed; it will be linked directly to the Guild website.

Click on the Yarn Head to be taken to the Woolith Fair Page!
Woolith Button - pink only, no background


We affectionately call our crawler mascots “yarn heads”.  They will spread the word about this event to local yarn shops around Western Canada and the Northwestern USA. As part of the Guild table at Knit City we will have a poster and postcard hand-outs to promote this event.

Woolith Fair Poster for Printing

The Woolith Fair Committee will continue to work behind the scenes to ensure this event is a success and represents our Guild with distinction. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Apps to connect with Ravelry and more

I was wondering whether Ravelry had an app so I could use it on my Ipod Touch. It turns out they have a mobile version of their Web site. Yeah! There are also several apps available that connect with Ravelry in different ways: e.g. Wooly gives you access to your Ravelry notebook, and Yarma is a camera app for iphone and iPad that allows you to tweak your images before uploading to Ravelry.

You can read all about these and several other knitting related apps on the Ravelry App page.

Photo Courtesy: Kimberley Chapman

The Woman Who Knitted Herself a Child

In this Australian radio play, a woman muses about genetics, and demonstrates her thoughts with yarn and the idea of knitting.  The writer of this article tells us that “It is interlaced with an interview undertaken with Dr Meri Menidis, a female microbiologist from Melbourne, working in the area of transgenic agricultural cloning.”, and “The idea behind The Woman Who Knitted Herself a Child was developed and conceived as part of the Motherload creative development project, funded by the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia Council. ” Seriously!

Photo Credit: Kimberley Chapman

Knit the Bridge

Have you heard of the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?  It was yarn bombed in early August of 2013 by “hundreds of individuals participants who have created and shaped this community project as artists, stitchers, riggers, and cheerleaders!”  Have a look at the community, the fabulous craft work, and some of the technology involved: