Glenda M


Born in Vernon, she moved to North Vancouver with her family at a young age. She moved for school (Kingston, Ont, and Newcastle, England) and then for work (Ottawa, New York City) and came back to Vancouver with her husband a few years ago. She’s glad to be back!

Casting on:
Glenda first cast on in her early 20’s with encouragement from a friend and cousin. She says that early knitting blogs were also helpful, but were hard to navigate and patterns were not always easy to find. Today’s sites such as Ravelry & Etsy make her addiction much easier!

Glenda is the owner of one of Vancouver’s newest LYS, Wet Coast Wools, which opened in August 2012. This beautiful shop allows her to indulge in her own knitting and crocheting addiction, as well as encourage others with knit nights and now movie nights…check it out! Her love of vintage knitting patterns is a nod to her educational background…she has a Ph.D. in Ancient Medicine. When she doesn’t have needles in hand, Glenda & her husband enjoy the outdoors, especially camping, and is quick to admit that a knitting project always comes along. She hopes to get to Haida Gwaii in the near future & dreams of life on a sailboat someday!

Knit knowledge and know how:
She loves knitting books (her shop has lots) and is a special fan of Elizabeth Zimmerman & Debbie Bliss. Her favourite is “Knitter’s Handbook. A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles and Techniques of Handknitting” by Montse Stanley.

Cables and Lace:
Her most rewarding project to date has been the christening outfit she knit for her nephew. She redesigned & revised the original Dropps pattern and adapted it from fingering to DK weight yarn. The beautiful off white lace set includes gown, shawl, booties & hat.

Steeks, Tinks and Frogs:
Glenda admits to unraveling a lot! She describes her “octopus” sweater as a particular challenge. Seven sleeves were made for one sweater she knit for her hubby. She has an afghan that’s been around for about ten years & is resolved to finish (at least fifteen) all the projects in her stash. She tells new knitters that “frogging is just a part of knitting”.

Dye lots:
A “cool” person she loves blues & purples with a special passion for tweeds. She’s a lover of real, scratchy wool…the closer to the sheep, the better!

Fibre Fantasy:
Her dream project would be a giant, bulky cable knit sweater made from “real” scratchy wool.

Guild Gauge:
Glenda joined the Guild to find a community of like-minded people who enjoyed knitting as much as she does. She’s made several new friends, which has been a wonderful bonus.

Purls of Wisdom:
Advice she finds herself giving to friends and customers… “Don’t tie knots…always leave long enough ends to weave them in” and “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself”.

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