Monique L


A native of Montreal, Monique moved to Ottawa in the ’70’s  where she raised her two daughters.  She  worked as a translator for government and police agencies and later did free lance work before she finally retired.  Monique moved to Vancouver ten years ago to be near her grandchildren and “just loves living here”.

Casting On:

Using Beehive knitting patterns, her paternal Grandmother taught an 8 year old Monique to knit baby clothes.  She says that “everyone knit” when she was growing up and that you “knit everywhere you went”.  The family passion is now being passed along, as Monique is teaching her 5 year old granddaughter…and she loves it!


Although the needles are never far away, Monique is an avid reader, most especially enjoying the Giller Prize authors.  She learned to play piano when she was 6 years old, and still enjoys her baby grand!  As you might guess, almost all music is a passion but most especially chamber and classical concerts. She heads to Mexico just before the holidays, to stock up on sunshine and warmth for the winter.  Good idea, Monique!

Knit Knowledge & Know How:

A lace lover, Monique’s go to references are “Victorian Lace” by Jane Sowerby and “Knitted Lace of Estonia” by Nancy Bush.  She’s also purchased WCKG member Holli Yeoh’s new book “Tempest”  and has the sweater “Watermark” on the go right now.  An avid Ravelry user, you can see some of her work online…she’s moniquelachance.  While she doesn’t knit from her own designs, she makes many patterns her own by being what she calls a “modifier”…change the stitch here, make it a little longer there!

Cables & Lace:

When asked about her favourite things to knit,  she mentioned Project Linus right away.  Since June, Monique has made 9 blankets for this worthwhile charity.  Pondering the question a bit more, she then replied “my next lace project is always my favourite project” and added that her”Peacock Tail” Estonian shawl knit in 1 ply merino was a (2 year) project she is extremely proud of.

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs:

With up to 15 projects on the go at any one time, Monique says she never gives up until they’re done!  Some have challenged her though…especially the Raspberry Dream Stole that she frogged several times…but she finished it.

Dye Lots:

A lover of blues, pinks and  purples (isn’t the deep purple shawlette over her lavender sweater gorgeous?) she just loves the feeling of merino and silk on the needles.   The finer the wool the better.

Fibre Fantasy:

Her dream project would be a double knitted winter cape.  This timeless classic style would be knit in soft grey in 4 ply merino/silk blend.  Sounds stunning, Monique.

Guild Gauge:

A member since June, 2014, Monique heard about the WCKG while visiting in Montreal.  One of her knitting buddies said she’d seen the WCKG website while “surfing the net” and thought Monique should check it out…she did and she’s really happy she has!  She loves the charity knitting projects that WCKG participates in and has met many new knitting friends.  Like so many members, she looks forward to Show & Share at each meeting.

Purls of Wisdom:

“Read patterns several times from beginning to end before you cast on.  Double check the chart legend to avoid disappointment and use a life line.  Time is precious…use it wisely”.