Yvette C


Born in Peoria, Illinois, Yvette moved to B.C. with her parents when she was 6.  She currently lives with her hubby aboard a 1941 fishing trawler…can’t get more West Coast than that!

Casting on:

Both her Mom and Grandmother knit, but she didn’t really get addicted until about 10 years ago.  She’s mostly self taught, using great reference books like Vogue Knitting.  She says she just loves to figure things out, especially when diagrams are involved.


Living on board a boat affords off time spent sailing our beautiful shores and nothing this busy travel agent enjoys more than sitting and knitting while in some quiet cove.  Yvette also loves to make beaded jewelry and has a passion for travel, naturally!  When asked where her favourite place to travel is, she didn’t hesitate…the BC coast!

Knit Knowledge & Know How:

Alice Starmore is one of her favourites , but she has yet to tackle one of her beautiful, intricate patterns.  Yvette loves knitting books, especially if there’s a hat or scarf pattern in it that looks intriguing.   Naturally, she checks out Ravelry!

Cables & Lace:

Check out her photo…the fair aisle sweater she’s wearing is her proudest achievement as a knitter.  It’s gorgeous!

Steeks, Tinks and Frogs:

When asked if there’s any projects that are still waiting to get finished, she mentions an 18 year old Tunisian style crocheted blanket that’s still in a box in her parents basement.  Check the link provided to learn about this crochet style.  Looks like a lot of work, but well worth it…get that long hook out Yvette!

Dye Lots:

A lover of orange and green, her favourite colours come in Cascade 220, but she just loves baby alpaca. 

Fibre Fantasy:

Her fantasy project would be Moroccan inspired.  Geometric designs in greens and rusts on a swirl style sweater would be her idea of fun and fibre rolled into one beautiful garment.

Guild Gauge:

Yvette heard about the WCKG while shopping @ Wool & Wicker in Steveston, BC and joined in 2014.  She’s says she is so inspired by what the members “show & share” and loves to be part of a group of like minded knitting nuts!

Purls of Wisdom:

“Make no assumptions”.  Translated to knitease it means to never assume you can’t knit it!