Anna K.


Anna is a born and raised Vancouverite who has called this city home for most of her life.   She spent 3 years in Tokyo, Japan teaching English, where her fondest memories are of the fabulous art & craft galleries and exceptional museums.

Casting On:

While she remembers her mother knitting, it was one of her Mom’s friends that really inspired her.  She says that this lady “knit all the time” and made it look fun.  She was actually taught to knit in her high school home economics class, where she also was introduced to spinning.  She knit a pair of mitts with her own handspun and since then it’s been a love affair with all things fiber!


When she doesn’t have needles or spindle in hand, Anna is busy volunteering.  She also owns a kayak, which she says is just right for another passion…photography!

Knit knowledge and Know How:

Ravelry is a great resource (what would we ever do without it?) and Anna also takes advantage of various book and magazine collections available at the library.  She often uses two or three patterns to design her own knitted items.

Cables & Lace:

When asked what her most satisfying project has been she said that over the Christmas holidays she gave away fingerless mitts and hats to various neighbours and friends.  Their positive reaction and delight in wearing them gave her great pleasure.

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs:

Anna says that once she “loses the emotional attachment” to a project, she finds it very hard to finish it!  The Elizabeth Zimmerman shawl “camping”,   which takes her about one hour/row will eventually get finished.  Stay tuned!

Dye Lots:

“I like using variegated yarns because I just love to see the colour changes and patterns they make”.  She’s particularly fond of earth tones and loves “any kind of wool”.

Fibre Fantasy:

Anna’s dream project would be a wool/silk blend tunic style dress, likely in taupe or other neutral colour.  The dress would be easily accessorized and could be worn everywhere.  Sounds ideal!

Guild Gauge:

A member since 2010, Anna has been the WCKG secretary for the past three years.  She was introduced to the Guild by “Y”, one of the Guild’s long time members. Her favourite thing about the Guild is that the meetings are “a big room filled with inspiration, demonstration, resources and connections to all things fiber”.

Purls of Wisdom:

Her advice to new knitters…”Just keep practicing…it’s all about muscle memory.  Don’t be too hard on yourself and when you get it, it will be magic”.