Mary S.



Born and raised in Coquitlam, BC, Mary moved into Vancouver to attend UBC and stayed!

Casting On:

While she’s sure she must have had to learn to knit in Brownies, it was her Grandmother who got her started. She didn’t pick up the needles again until she was in university and  one of the girls down the hall in residence  got  her addicted.  “She made it look so interesting…so much texture and colour…and she was making something”.  Her first project was a boyfriend sweater for the boyfriend who’s now her hubby.  Guess he liked the sweater!!


Mary is an estate accountant who’s easing into retirement!  She works from home, and loves the fact that she can knit during her coffee breaks.   She enjoys  travelling (her son will be working in London, so is excited about the travel possibilities), is an avid photographer, enjoys cooking and baking  and is a voracious  reader.  She translates that joy of reading into a Grade 2 classroom, where she volunteers.

Knit Knowledge and Know How:

She loves Ravelry and can’t believe it took her a while to discover it.   A recent passion is Brooklyn Tweed yarns and patterns.  Known at WCKG as the “blanket lady” she just loves to knit big projects where she can combine various colours and textures into something you can snuggle up to.  She’s especially happy to be knitting another sweater for her son as the first one was a huge hit.  Check out her gorgeous projects on Ravelry…she’s tackyrules.

Cables and Lace:

One of her most rewarding projects  was the Lizard Ridge blanket from the very first Noro magazine.  Watching the “waves” of colour come alive gave Mary absolute joy…isn’t that what we all aim for with our knitting?

Steeks, Tinks and Frogs:

“I never give up…I finish everything eventually”.  Don’t you wish you could say that?  She calls these projects her “back burners”.

Dye Lots:

Mary loves bright colours and avoid pastels at all cost!  Noro is one of her favourite yarns as she feels like she’s painting when she’s knitting with it.  Brooklyn Tweed yarns are a pleasure to knit with, she says, because of their loft…and wonderful colours!

Fibre Fantasy:

Her fantasy knit is a big Noro blanket in a mosaic design using Debbie Bliss cashmerino and Noro silk garden.  Knit with purples & greens it would be a colour explosion.  Can’t wait to see it, Mary.

Guild Gauge:

Mary is a recent (2014) member of the guild,  who was looking for a group to join and found our (great) website when doing an internet search.  She enjoys the friendliness of the meetings and being with equally “obsessed” knitters is great fun.

Purls of Wisdom:

“There’s a Youtube video for everything.  Never be afraid to try something new, because the internet is your friend”.  Truer words were never spoken!