Bev G


Born in Calgary, Bev moved around Canada with her Engineering Air Force hubby, eventually making Vancouver her home in 1978. She is one of the founding members of the WCKG, and has been a member- at- large, secretary & past president.

 Casting On:

One of Bev’s fondest childhood memories is coming home from school and joining her Mother’s and Grandmother’s weekly knitting circle. Neighbourhood ladies would gather to knit & gossip & enjoy fancy sandwiches & sweets. At about aged 8, Bev picked up some needles and hasn’t put them down much since!


When she’s not knitting, Bev’s reading, walking & enjoying traveling to all parts of the globe. Her current favourite spot is Italy, but with a trip to Africa planned for the fall of 2013, she thinks that might just top the list.

Knit Knowledge & Know How:

Bev is an avid fan of all books written by Sally Melville. To make her miniatures (she’s famous for these!) she often refers to Jean Greenhowe, noted knitted toy designer.

Cables & Lace:

“I like everything!” She knits for several generations in her family & can’t pinpoint one project she enjoyed more than the other. Bev can’t sit without knitting & recalls that when the airlines restricted carrying needles on board, she crafted her own out of chopsticks & knit cotton dishcloths on an overseas flight. She even knits at the movies, and remembers being so excited when she realized that the drink holders would hold her ball of yarn…now that’s an addict!

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs:

A ponchette she’d knitted several times before has given her grief. Knitting one for herself, she frogged it many times until she declared, “I don’t think I’m meant to have one.” Undaunted, she rewound the yarn & set it aside for a future project.

Dye Lots:

Bev just can’t stay away from greens & blues. She knits with anything that “feels nice.”

Fiber Fantasy:

Bev says she often lies in bed, staring up at her yarn stash in the overhead loft, and dreams about knitting sweaters and putting yarns and designs together.

Guild Gauge:

Bev enjoys the inspiration that comes from fellow Guild members. The camaraderie of being with people who have the same passion as she does makes the WCKG a great fit.

Purls of Wisdom:

“Sometimes the yarn won’t become what you want it to be. Be brave enough to try a new pattern with the same yarn.”