photo of member of West Coast Knitters' Guild

Linda H.


Born in Banff, Alta., Linda moved to Vancouver so her husband could attend UBC.  A retired lawyer, Linda now indulges her passion for knitting both at home & at work.  She is a long time employee at one of WCKG’s knit friendly shops…Three Bags Full.

Casting On:

Linda admits to learning how to knit for a Brownie badge as a young girl, and says that had she been aware that she could actually make more than a square, she might have stuck with it! As a young woman, she got hooked when she took knitting lessons with the Beehive yarn (now Paton) representative at the Calgary Hudson’s Bay store.  After her first beginner projects, she knit herself a mohair jacket!


Linda says she reads more than she knits (which must mean she reads A LOT) and enjoys hiking and camping.

Knit Knowledge & Know How:

Churchmouse & Teas patterns are a favourite & she uses Ravelry to see what is current & trending in the knitting world.  A creative knitter, Linda has created garments from her own designs.

Cables & Lace:

One of her most rewarding projects was an Aran knit sweater she knit for herself many years ago.  She loves Cat Bordhi mobius scarves saying that “Cat made me fall in love with knitting all over again when I took a weekend course with the Guild”.  Linda won the Guild contest a few years ago for knitted rectangle.  Her entry was a “Pretend Sweater” , which was in the Pattern a Day series.

Steeks, Tinks & Frogs:

Not too many projects get the better of her, but she says that the Churchmouse linen-stitch scarf drove her crazy with all the fringe.  She frogged it after about 3 inches.

Dye Lots:

Linda loves to knit with reds, blues & turquoise.  Her enjoyment increases when the she’s knitting one of these beautiful colours in mohair or alpaca.

Fibre Fantasy:

Her dream would be to knit a sweater from qiviut (the soft under wool of an Arctic muskox) or cashmere.

Guild Gauge:

A member since 2003, Linda joined after hearing about the Guild from customers.  She quickly became a member of the executive, serving as Vice President.  A fan of show & share and the inspiring guest speakers, Linda also enjoys the evening catching up with knitting friends.  Linda is the designer of the WCKG logo…the winner of a contest held a few years ago.

Purls of Wisdom:

As a knitting instructor, Linda stresses the importance of making a test swatch (something bigger than the recommended 4” square) & challenging yourself with new stitches & patterns, however…
“Don’t read through the pattern so minutely that you scare yourself.  By the time you have knit to the part that puzzles you, your fingers will know what to do.  Trust me.”  She also encourages members to volunteer  with the Guild…”you will learn a lot and enjoy your Guild experience much more.”