Joan T


Born in the city of Vancouver, Joan and her family moved to North Vancouver when she was 9.  She still calls the North Shore home.

Casting On:

Joan’s Mom taught her to knit so she could earn a Brownie badge and as a Girl Guide her leader had them knit for a new immigrant family. She (with help) made baby booties, a jacket and a hat.  A bit of a knitting hiatus followed, but when her fiancé loved the sweater she knit for his 21st birthday (she still has it) she hasn’t put the needles down for long since.


Joan is a very recent retiree and is enjoying every minute of it.  After many years in the accounting department of a community newspaper she now has time to pursue her other interests.   She says that  she sewed all her own clothes for years (even winter coats) but realized that knitting was a more social hobby.  She meets weekly with a Ravelry group on the north shore, is a member of several fibre related  guilds. Joan has recently returned to spinning, a hobby she first learned about 30 years ago.  She loves to travel and I’m sure is looking forward to more free time to do so…maybe do some international yarn scouting?

Knit Knowledge and Know How:

Like many addicted knitters, Joan is an avid Raveler with four or five projects on the go.  She takes her knitting everywhere she goes, and if you see someone admiring the scenery while knitting in her car, that’s likely Joan! Shawls, socks, mitts are always on the needles.  She says that she loves having several projects as she goes back and forth between them, enjoying their different textures and designs.

Cables and Lace:

Two projects she says have been her favourites…her boyfriend sweater (mentioned above) and a pair of THRUM style mitts she knit for her sister who lives in Alberta.  Her sister has told her several times how much she loves them…and they were fun to knit.

Steeks, Tinks and Frogs:

“I never give up on any project.  They eventually all get done”.  Oh, if we could all say that!

Dye Lots:

A lover of green, raspberry and now earth tones, merino is most definitely her favourite yarn to knit with.  A brand that has caught her attention, due to it’s soft texture is Koigu.

Fibre Fantasy:

“I would knit an Aran sweater in green”.   She has the pattern, which she bought 20 years ago.  Maybe now that she’s retired, we’ll soon see it at Show & Share!

Guild Gauge:

Joan has been a WCKG member since 1997, and is a past treasurer for the Guild.  She loves the meetings for the fellowship of fellow “addicts” and always gets a tip or two while she’s there.

Purls of Wisdom:

“Find a knitting group.  They’re great for your health and for sharing not just your knitting, but your life’s experiences”

 Joan’s photo taken by Caitlin ffrench @ Baaad Anna’s…thanks Caitlin!