Sylvia Olsen comes to the WCKG


WCKG Sylvia Olsen May 2015 008

Sylvia Olsen is on her way to Newfoundland, gathering knitters (and wanna be knitters) along the way. She’s enthralling them with stories and teaching the techniques used by the Coast Salish knitters.  She stopped in Vancouver, one of the first  on her long journey across Canada, and we were so glad she did.  The class was inspiring and fun! We left with so much admiration for the Coast Salish who knit these sweaters for a living.  She calls the Coast Salish colourwork intuitive.  To quote Sylvia “Coast Salish colourwork takes time to learn.  It’s like dancing.  Keep at it and you will get the rhythm”.  We are all now practicing our dancing!

WCKG Sylvia Olsen May 2015 002